REVOLION is a fully integrated single system/single database, eCommerce, ERP, CRM, Virtual Inventory, Logistic, Multichannel solution.
REVOLION covers all functions for managing an online trading business. It brings to customer, and is built on, a baseline business philosophy: reduce everything to simplest, expand on sales. Or in other words, “focus on your sales, and we do the rest”.
REVOLION is designed to release resources and reduce complexity. Company that adopts REVOLION does not need any other software, it will manage more information, perform more operations, without increasing complexity, requiriring less time and less workforce.


2012/10/24: New HTML Editor integration.

2012/10/05: payments management rebuilt: Unified Multi-Currencies. Automatic or manual linking of payments to invoices. Full management of partial amounts.

2012/09/20: customer dashboard rebuilt: All the most important information, documents, operations available in a single page, at first sight and accessible with a single click.

2012/07/12: Procurement area developing started.

2012/07/09: REVOLION.COM launched as demo area to test pre lauch project. We start now to introduce Revolion to investors that could be interested in boosting development process and lauch distribution.

2012/06/28: Delivery Note management completed. It integrates whole fulfilment process with all progressing status, warehousing, inventory and shipping control by a fast and powerful matching procedure based on producrs' Manufacturer Codes or EAN Codes or Serial Numbers. Delivery Note can be printed displaying only products list, or with (gross or net) prices

2012/05/16: added multiple bank account managemenet, with possibility to assign to each customer or to customer profile a linked bank account.

2012/04/02: Created new One Step Checkout. Now shopping cart and checkout are on a single page. Added also possibility to buy as a guest, without registration and customer account.

2012/03/10: added shopping carts storing funtions. Now shopping cart keep data for 7 days for all customers and guests. When placing the order products availability is checked.

2012/01/25: added Cash on Delivery payment method. It's possible to set up also a prepayment percentage requested to customers. Curiers management area tracks CoD that must be collected by curiers and how they transfer the amounts to the company

2011/12/22: logistic: logistic warehouse area completed. Revolion now manages logistic partners as for curiers. Companies that use outsurced logistic services, as a fulfilment logistic, can now manage and check activities as in their own warehouse, with a strickt control on expeditures.

2011/11/28: logistic: curiers area completed. Revolion now manages a dedicated area for curiers. Here are contained all deliveries, sorted per curier, with all fees charged to customers (shipping cost, insurance, Cash on Delivery, storage, etc). Operator can input or import shipments and fees invoiced by curiers, matching all data and check whether there are errors in shipment, in fees and finally if fees charged to customers cover or not curiers' cost, at single shipment level or per period.

2011/09/16: customized pricelist Completed. Revolion manage now infinite pricelists, customized for each customer, or customer profile. For each customer is possible to set up a mark-up for each category (or subcategory, or subsub...), what categories to include/exclude, pricelist format and layout, system to trasfer data (server, email, download) schedule (once per day, twice.... etc...).

2011/07/03: sales, creation of order by importing data from file. Revolion now offers a very useful and powerful tool to create an order from data contained in a file. Revolion can handle a standard file created manually, or files created by suppliers. In this case it recognizes products bu suppliers SKU, no need to find for products. if some products are contained in the imported file but not currently in catalog, they are created. Operator can decide whether to apply standard selling prices, or to apply a mark-up to file's purchasing prices. Prices can be later updated or reverted at any time.

2011/05/19: marketplaces integration completed. Revolion offers now possiblity to manage sales on Amazon and Pixplace marketplaces and on eBay. System create and sync catalog with partners, offering to choose what categories to sell on their platforms. Orders are imported and later syncronized at any step with partner's system. There is also report area where all sales generated by partners are contained, fees asked by partners calculated and registered payments from them. All data are matched, to check if fees are correct, if money received are exactly what expected, and tools to track selling activities.

2011/02/23: delays, settings and notifications. Delays management completed, it's possible now to set up delays time, for each country, for payments and for deliveries. System notifies payments on dealy from customers, sending them a reminder, or send them a message informing that order shipment is exceeding expected delivery time. There are 2 delay times.

2011/01/30: sales area rebuild. The core of the sales is now the margin, or better said the mark-up. In order mask is shown the margin for each product and total selling mark-up. USer can edit both selling price and margin, they are automatically recalculated. It's possible to set up a margin for all products. This feature is specifically designed for B2B and distribution companies, but also retailers can have great benefit by managing real selling margin. Mark-up is updated with Virtual Inventory sync till the order is confirmed. In case of fast changing in purchasing prices, as in the IT market, the system prevent (or at least inform) when a sudden rise bring to negative margin.

2010/11/25: sales price management rebuild. Revolion now create selling prices starting from purchasing price (or from suppliers pricelist by Virtual Inventory), but applies many criteria. For each category (or subcategory, or subsub...) it's possible to set up a mark-up, in term of a percentage, to apply to products contained. Mark-up is different for each country. Default starting purchasing price is the lowest among the available stock, but it's possible to set up a favourite supplier for each category no matter what purchasing price they offer. It's possible also to set up for each supplier/coutry an extra mark-up. All these criteria combined create selling price.

2010/11/18: logistic: curiers export data. Revolion manages shipping data for multiple curiers. for all orders on shipping, data are exported to curiers to create shipping orders. It's possible to create curiers' or internal labels to apply to parcels.

2010/09/04: Vitual Inventory completed. Revolion manage full inventories of infinite suppliers, including products not included in the system's products catalog. System recognizes same products by EAN Code or by Manufacturer Part Number comparing them, but it stores also each suppliers' SKU. System manages suppliers, all products codes, availability, price, description, brand. Suppliers catalog are imported and syncronized automatically from suppliers' servers, or by email, or manually, any file format and any layout. When operation is performed manually, it's possible to create automatically new products into catalog.

2010/08/20: Delivery Time. Added to products info also estimated delivery time. it is customized per country of destination and per supplier of origin.

2010/07/07: export products catalog to online price comparators. A tool to create and export a custom products catalog for each price comparator or partner is created. Revolion not only export data in any format or layout, but offers the possibility to create for each partner a dedicated catalog, auto-adaptative, to maximize ratios and effectiveness. User can set up what categories and how many products for each category, to include in the exported catalog. System choose the best ones on given parameters.

2010/05/17: products images and datasheets import. Revolion automatically import from "IceCat" (, both in xml and html formats, in different languages. After importing data, even the html format, they get morphed to adapt to website graphic and style, avoiding to show them as an external frame.

2010/03/22: Revolion core finished. eCommerce and ERP in single database first step is ready. The web storefront support multilanguage, multicurrencies, multiple countries. For each country is possible to set different shipping costs, payment methods. The ERP area manages customers, orders, invoices, products, infinite categories. Revolion manages multiple companies, with different sales tax rates.